Dental Implants in Brunswick, OH Area

If your permanent tooth didn’t grow in or you lost a tooth to decay, injury, or accident, a simple crown won’t always suffice. Instead, you might need dental implants. These sturdy titanium implants bond directly to your jawbone, which means they function and look exactly like your old tooth. Even better, these implants last for years—you won’t have to worry about them breaking or needing replacement.

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At Cross Creek Family Dentistry, we’re certified in several of the most advanced concepts and technologies related to dental implants. Keep reading to see how we use this advanced technology to improve your smile when you visit us in Brunswick, OH.

Benefit From Modern Dental Advancements

Tooth replacements have come a long way over the past few centuries, and the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the past few years alone. We use many new procedures and technologies to maximize the chances of your implant lasting and working perfectly.


OsseoSpeed™ titanium implants include components that speed up your bone’s healing process and ensure the implant integrates with the bone successfully.


Your bone and the surrounding tissue need constant stimulation to stay strong. Without a tooth and root, the bone above your missing tooth can start to thin. MicroThread™ technology ensures that your new implant stimulates the bone and encourages healthy bone growth.

Conical Seal Design™

Unlike other titanium implant designs, the Conical Seal Design™ changes the site on the implant that experiences the most strain and pressure as you chew. As a result, these implants better preserve your existing bone structure. They’re also easier to maintain than other types of implants.

Connective Contour™

Your dental implant is made of two parts: the titanium implant that bonds to your bone, and the abutment, or the false tooth that attaches to the implant at the gum line. A Connective Contour™ refers to the contour for your unique implant. It encourages the gum and bone to stay healthy at the implant site and protects the bone from further damage.

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We use 3D cone Beam X-rays for precise implant diagnosis. We are certified for the Dentsply Atlantis Conus Concept